A Beauty Collection - Rachel Garahan
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A Beauty Collection - Rachel Garahan

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Local Childrens Book from Rachel Garahan


Adventure, treasure-hunt, discover, enjoy. The world comes alive with A Beauty Collected, a picture book filled with a lush alphabet of artful photography and dreamy narrative.

By featuring items that can be found in one's own neighborhood (pinecones, flowers, herbs) combined with more exotic items (raw turquoise nuggets, tentacles, rambutan), the imagery in A Beauty Collected is designed to be accessible and to expand the mind beyond the backyard. Whether the item is a porcupine quill or a vanilla pod, the goal is to encourage inquisitiveness: What is this item? What purpose does it serve? What does it smell or taste like? Where can I find it? By establishing familiarity with nature, A Beauty Collected creates a generation of people who are sensitive to the earth they live on.

Young Children (1-6 years): A Beauty Collected introduces young children to the wonders of the natural world: to recognize, enjoy, and name them. Little ones are already enthralled with nature. Why not encourage that by expanding their natural vocabulary as much as possible? Use it as an eye-spy, asking children to find the succulent, waterlily, or passion fruit. For them, this book says, "This is your world; let your eyes be open to it."

Older Children (7+ years): Meant to inspire first and inform second, this book says, "This is your world; what will you do with it?" By artfully styling and closely photographing items, A Beauty Collected encourages a designer's eye, a scientist's mind, or an explorer's wanderlust.

Adults: Parents who want their kids to know gingko from willow and to verbalize items like aloe, bodhi, and creosote will love this book. And although A Beauty Collected is written for children, it is certainly also for adults. This book encourages readers to pay closer attention to the world in front of them, to explore cooking with new ingredients, or to look up the name of that cool plant they always walk by. To adults, this book reminds readers to slow down, appreciate, and explore the beautiful world around them.

Intellectually and visually stimulating for readers of all ages, A Beauty Collected is the book parents won't mind reading hundreds of times over and over.